Copper, Splices, Reducers, Tapered


Features and Benefits


  • Reducer Splice allows for compression crimp of two differing cable ranges in one splice.
  • Standard Barrel Compression Splices allow for maximum compression, homogenizing cable and splice, producing optimum conductivity and pull strength.
  • Tapered barrel ends eliminate sharp edges and reduce "corona effect".
  • Crimp Instruction Ensures Compliance with ANSI C119.4 and UL486C performance criteria.
  • Purest Alloyed Copper Provides Maximum Conductivity
  • "Dead Soft" Annealed Copper Provides Maximum Crimp Ductility
  • Class A ANSI C119.4 Tested and Designed to meet UL/cUL requirements to assure safety and effectiveness
  • Maximum Crimp Ductility Provides Optimal Tension and Pull Out Resistance
  • Maximum Compression Produces Homogenization of Connector and Cable
  • Heavy Wall for Maximum Amperage and Conductivity "Safety Factor"
  • Splice Barrel Diameters UL and ANSI Tested with Burndy, T&B, and Huskie Tools