Aluminum, Lugs, 1 Hole, Tapered


Features and Benefits


  • Tapered External Chamfer eliminates sharp edges, thus reducing "halo effect" in high voltage applications.
  • Single Hole Meter Socket Compression Lugs are for Use with Meter Pans as well as General Utility Applications.
  • Single Hole Lugs allow for maneuverability and rotation in tight clearance applications.
  • Standard Barrel Single Stud Hole Lugs allow for maneuverability and optimal compression.
  • Crimp Instruction Ensures Compliance with ANSI C119.4 and UL486B performance criteria.
  • ANSI C119.4 Class A and UL/CUL 486B Listed to Assure Safety and Effectiveness
  • Maximum Crimp Ductility Provides Optimal Tension and Pull Out Resistance
  • Heavy Wall for Maximum Amperage and Conductivity "Safety Factor"
  • "ASK Gauge" Sizing Ensure Optimal Cable/Lug Diameter Fit
  • Specified for Use with AAC, AAAC, ACSR, Compact, Compressed Aluminum
  • Dual Metallic Application: Aluminum to Aluminum, Aluminum to Copper
  • Lug Barrel Diameters UL and ANSI Tested with Burndy, T&B, and Huskie Tools